The Parkfield Panthers 100 Club

Parkfield Panthers Football Club is a not for profit organisation and as a result, it is run totally by volunteers. As a result, we rely on the generosity of local businesses and trades to help sponsor the club and allow the children to have the facilities and equipment they require to play football each week.

In order to further improve the quality of facilities we can offer at the club, we would like to give supporters (parents, friends, family and beyond) the opportunity to help with our efforts. As a club, we have set ourselves some fundraising targets for this season in order to purchase critical items for ongoing maintenance and general improvements for the club. A key target for the 2020/21 season is to raise enough money to purchase our own ride-own mower, such that we are not dependent on the local council for occasional cuts of the pitches. Investments such as this will help us continue to improve the quality of the facilities on offer at the club.

For supporters who are fortunate enough are to be in a position to be able to support Parkfield Panthers Football Club financially, we would like to direct you to our volunteer-led ‘100 Club’. Not only does this help the Club, but for just £5 a month it gives you the chance to win one of three cash prizes each month.

Those who wish to take part will contribute £5 each month via a standing order for one “100 Club” draw number. Supporters are more than welcome to purchase more than one draw number at £5 each giving you a greater opportunity at claiming a prize. There will be three monetary prizes a month:

1st prize – 20% of total contributions
2nd prize – 15% of total contributions
3rd prize – 10% of total contributions

In total 45% of the money contributed each month is prize money, with the remaining 55% being invested in the club. It really is as simple as that. The more players each month, the higher the prize fund, the more money raised each month for the club.

Draws will take place at the end of each month and the winners will be notified via email, with results also being published on our website.

Help us reach 100 monthly players – Sign up now in time for next month’s draw using the form below;

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